Poultry Feathers and Skin

Poultry Feathers and Skin

The Poultry Integument in Health and Welfare

Oluyinka A Olukosi, Ariane Helmbrecht, Victor Olori, Nick French, Sarah Lambton


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The feathers and skin in birds are the first line of defence, but are also important in helping the bird to maintain a stable internal temperature, facilitate integral mobility and ensure successful mating in some species. For poultry, the physical conditions of feathers and skin are important barometers to assess the impact of management and ensure health and welfare. Based on the proceedings of a recent symposium, this book documents the significant developments that have been made in our understanding of the importance of the integument to poultry species. The book: . Traces the development of the integument over time and discusses our current understanding of its embryonic development. . Includes a broad range of studies covering genetics, welfare, health, nutrition, and management. . Promotes research opportunities in an under-studied field. Providing a comprehensive yet concise summary of the available research, this book is an invaluable resource for both the poultry industry and for researchers in animal science and welfare at undergraduate and graduate levels.