Justice on the Acropolis

Justice on the Acropolis

B. B. Gallagher


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“Ready to answer His call?” Mikey asked. With all the courage she could muster, Maggie nodded and stepped through the doorway alongside her guardian angel.

Maggie Murphy is in big trouble. She hit her little brother back. As many kids would, she thinks it's unfair that she is the one in trouble when she didn't start it. While trapped in timeout, questioning how life could be so unfair, Maggie is visited by her guardian angel, Mikey, who appears to her as a quick-witted ten-year-old boy. They have a mission from God to “save the philosopher.” But which one?

After Mikey inserts his mysterious keys into her closet door, Maggie is amazed to find an ancient civilization on the other side!

Accompany Maggie back to Ancient Greece where she will be chased across the acropolis, attend Socrates' trial, visit Plato's Academy, and learn the most important lesson of her life – the true meaning of justice.

Justice on the Acropolis is the first installment of the Virtue Adventures series.


B. B. Gallagher:
B.B. Gallagher is a #1 Amazon bestselling author who has published three novels. He lives in a 100-year-old house with his wife and four children. With 26 nephews and nieces, he has an endless supply of feedback.