You Are Positively Awesome

You Are Positively Awesome

Good Vibes and Self-Care Prompts for All of Life's Ups and Downs

Stacie Swift


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Hey, reader of this book! Don't forget—you are awesome!

When life gets in the way, it's easy to forget to take care of yourself. This book is a much-needed reminder that nobody is perfect and that you deserve kindness—even (especially!) on stormy days. In her trademark style, Stacie Swift shares sunny artwork, self-care wisdom, and prompts to add your own reflections. We all lose our sparkle now and then. This sage little book can help you get it back!


Stacie Swift:
Stacie Swift, mom to three children under four, juggles the demands of freelance work and family while aiming to be the positive voice we all need to hear now and then. To deal with the things millions of people battle through each day, she draws and writes about them and shares them online. Her Instagram following continues to grow daily. She lives near Cambridge, UK.