The Wild Kindness

The Wild Kindness

A Psilocybin Odyssey

Bett Williams


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APT TIMING: The Decriminalize Nature Movement has gained traction in major cities, resulting in a recent surge of public interest in the appropriate use and legalization of psilocybin mushrooms and other plant-based medicine.

A TRAILBLAZING MEMOIR: With the lyricism of Charlotte Runcie's Salt On Your Tongue and in the way that Gabriela Wiener's Sexographies transformed how we think of the human body and mind, The Wild Kindness is a lyrical, unprecedented portrayal of psilocybin mushrooms as a source of personal healing and transformation.

RESPECTED AUTHOR: Williams has published two books previously and her work has also been published by Lenny Letter, Out Magazine, and the Chacruna Institute for Psychedelic Plant Medicines.

BUILT-IN AUDIENCE: Williams and her partner, Beth Hill, produce a podcast called No Cures, Only Alchemy, for which they won the 2018 Kindle Foundation Maker’s Muse Award.

CONTEMPORARY THEMES: As a timely response to the current flood of New Age products in mainstream culture, Williams reminds us of the implications of race, cultural appropriation, and indigenous rights surrounding psilocybin mushrooms.


Bett Williams:

BETT WILLIAMS is the author of the novel Girl Walking Backwards and the memoir The Wrestling Party. She and her partner, Beth Hill, produce No Cures, Only Alchemy, a podcast about psychedelics and culture, for which they received a Kindle Foundation Maker’s Muse Award in 2018. Bett lives in New Mexico, where she supports writers, artists, and others through hosting private retreats, residencies, and events in keeping with the spirit of mycelium.