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Dr. Erika Jones BA MPA Ph.D.


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Upon meeting Mr. Wrong, with every lie, multiple disappointments, infidelity, an abortion, many tear breaking encounters, she still tried to work things out. No matter what happened, what he did, and even being unavailable for many nights, she kept hope alive. After being in a non-existing engagement, a miserable marriage, mental and emotional abuse, she finally found her strength to leave. Strength came with a price though, loneliness, anger, sadness, and a broken heart. But, this is where she learned self-respect. Self-respect is priceless. The lesson behind this all is, no matter what you do in a relationship to “earn” a ring, you cannot marry a man that don’t want to be married. You can cook, clean, and even be as sexy as possible, nothing will work. The lesson here is you can be on top of your game and still be foolish. Opposites do not attract, they divide.


Dr. Erika Jones BA MPA Ph.D.:
Dr. Erika Jones was born in the south side of Chicago. Throughout her childhood, she moved around a lot living in mostly the suburbs. She became a mom at the early age of 16. Being a teen mom motivated her to push for success. She skipped a grade in high school going from a sophomore to a senior, and went straight to college. She received her Bachelors of Art in 2007, her Master’s in Public Administration in 2009, and her Ph.D. in Public Policy & Administration in 2018. She is raising 3 beautiful girls. She spends her spare time advocating for social injustice, writing, and reading books. Her career of choice is Finance/School Administration and has been for the last eleven years. What she aspires in life is to be happy.