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Mickey Lee


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As times change and our children continue to expand their knowledge, along with their activities, how can we not embrace the challenges of uniting one common goal or even better a cause more impressive, by allowing the opportunity for our youth to become as one under an organization that in the past, only allowed one gender to become a member. I believe that the ethics and spirit of scouting can still be taught and shed a light on every youth member whether they are female or male. Having our children grow up knowing the values of what life has to offer and to instill those values that will follow them throughout their lives, will make every parent even more proud knowing that there is always more ways than one to see a child grow into a young adult.


Mickey Lee:
Mickey Lee, a proud US Navy Veteran, lives in the beautiful state of Washington. He is a first time Author, who really loves the outdoors and scouting. Mickey was a Scout himself, and became a Scout Master and later in life became an adult volunteer for one of his Grandson’s Scout Pack. Mickey became a High School Sports Official and continues today to become an inspiration to all the young adults he comes into contact with. Mickey hopes that the changes in the scouting program through-out the world, especially with some of the challenges the Scouting programs are facing, overcome those obstacles, and continue to teach our youth good values, and hope they become the young adults all parents hope they may become. Michael said in an interview that young girls should be active in Scouts, whether in a girl only troop or mixed into a co-ed troop, both will allow for a choice to enjoy Scouting they may want. Mickey agrees that the Scouting program is much more than just learning to hike, swim, and sing a song at a camp fire. It is about camaraderie, and friendships that will last a life time. It is also about becoming a better person, and Mickey believes that a happy, young adult grows up to become a happy adult, one with high standards and morals, along with values, that they may pass on to their own children.