A Cancer Survivor's Simple and Healthy Recipes

A Cancer Survivor's Simple and Healthy Recipes

Mario Fontenla


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Being a cancer survival I am one of those people that takes nutrition very seriously so I started trying to cook my own meals from ingredients that my cancer dietician recommended to me and avoiding some of those that are of higher risk of causing cancers and cardiac diseases while at the same time keeping my recipes easy to make, cheap and delicious.


Mario Fontenla:
I am a cancer survivor who came from a family of scientists and always ate the healthiest diets known to science and took a full vitamin supplement when growing up as well as did weight lifting about two hours every single day all of which must have helped me fight my cancer much later on in my life. I am a testament to how maintaining a diet and exercise regime all your life is the best answer for any ailment for we truly are what we eat and I do not have a single white hair on my head at 55 years old and look and feel great!! I am also a very functional emotional trauma survivor and I can attest to the fact that these recipes are very good for cognition, memory, concentration, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases or Alzheimer all of which I have none.