Electoral College What?

Electoral College What?

Dana Fernandez


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Luca and George have been friends their whole lives. Luca loves school, especially social studies. And George does not. Luca’s always trying to encourage George to love learning as much as he does. Will the new topic on the electoral college prove too much of a challenge for Luca? Can Luca help George understand what the presidential election process is really like? Let’s find out as we discover the meaning of the electoral college together through the eyes of a child. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we can turn a seemingly uninteresting and complicated concept like the electoral college into something simple and easy for kids to understand? Next election be ready for your child to teach you a few things as you watch the results come in! See their interest in government and politics grow with their understanding in this fun and witty exchange between Luca and George as they learn about the electoral college.


Dana Fernandez:

Dana Fernandez holds a Master of Science in Education and a Master of Arts in International Relations. She has been a Special Education and Social Studies teacher for over a decade. She has a clear understanding of politics and education which helps breakdown complicated concepts to young audiences. She believes the more children understand politics the more they will have a desire to learn.