Social Psychology

Social Psychology

Thomas Heinzen, Wind Goodfriend


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This award-winning text invites students to discover social psychology’s relevance to their lives. Authors Thomas Heinzen and Wind Goodfriend capture student interest by weaving stories drawn from their own personal experiences with compelling examples from everyday life, all carefully placed in historical context. Social psychology is presented as an evolving, science-driven conversation; chapters build on core questions central to scientific inquiry, while a methods-in-context approach cultivates psychological literacy. The Second Edition has been thoroughly updated with new pop culture examples, additional diversity coverage, more recent critiques of the Zimbardo and Milgram studies, and over a hundred new citations from the latest research.


Thomas Heinzen:

Thomas Heinzen is Professor Emeritus of William Paterson University of New Jersey. He describes his career as “mostly fun” because of the diverse opportunities within social psychology. Most applications have revolved around the social psychology of creativity including:

  • Individual differences among the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth
  • Program Assessment for the Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy
  • Agent orange health statistics for the New York State Commission on Vietnam Veterans 
  • Technology assessment related to distance learning for Public Service Training Program
  • Tractor rollovers for the New York Center for Health and Medicine
  • Documentations of problem-solving among pre-retirement New York State bureaucrats
  • Documentations of problem-solving among the frail elderly living in nursing homes
  • Applications of game design to curriculum development 

Professor Heinzen invested in students’ lives by mentoring more than 60 student conference presentations. More recently, he created video games that teach critical thinking and the unwritten rules of college success. 

He also has authored several books and published journal articles based on case studies, archival analyses, in-depth interviews, controlled experiments, and quasi-experimental designs. He has been elected a fellow of the Eastern Psychological Association (EPA), the American Psychological Association (APA, Division 1), and the Association for Psychological Science (APS).

|||Wind Goodfriend has been teaching psychology at Buena Vista University, a Midwestern liberal arts school for fifteen years. Wind is a three-time Faculty of the Year award winner. She became Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies in 2017. She also serves as the co-director of the trauma advocacy program and volunteers as the chief research officer for the Institute for the Prevention of Relationship Violence. Wind has written 13 book chapters on psychology in pop culture, covering topics including Game of Thrones, Wonder Woman, Doctor Who, Star Trek, and more. She has developed a wide variety of undergraduate courses including special topics classes such as Psychology of Colonialism, Psychology in Popular Film, and Relationship Violence. She received her B.A. from Buena Vista University and both her Master’s and Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Purdue University.