Dancing with Lewy

Dancing with Lewy

A Father - Daughter Dance, before and after Lewy Body Dementia Came to Live with Us

Nancy R. Poland


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Nancy Poland’s memoir, Dancing with Lewy, gives hope to caregivers tending to a loved one with a debilitating illness.

Within Dancing with Lewy, readers meet two individuals, Lee and Nancy. Lee was born into a large farming family just before the Great Depression. He was a World War II Veteran, self-made businessman, artist, poet, and a man who would give a stranger his last nickel. Lee’s third daughter, Nancy, is practical, organized, pragmatic, writer, and equaling her father in determination. Nancy was determined to take the helm when Lee’s mind began “dancing” with Lewy body dementia even though he resolved to remain independent while his mind slipped away. Within Dancing with Lewy, readers also meet God as the one who carried the family through this storm and offered grace to the weariness of the family.

This memoir is written through Nancy’s eyes. Woven throughout Dancing with Lewy is original poetry written by Lee which gives readers a glimpse into his outlook to life. The memoir contains two parts. Part I tells the story of Lee’s young life, Nancy’s growing up years with her dad, and the toll dementia took on their family. During these pages, readers feel the pain of grief when Nancy’s mom died of cancer and her dad became even more confused. Part II of Dancing with Lewy shares lessons learned and provides hope for caregivers tending to their loved one(s) who have a debilitating illness.


Nancy R. Poland:
Nancy Poland approaches life with a mix of compassion and practicality. Through her experience as a caregiver for her premature son, a foster child, grandparents and parents, Nancy seeks to better the lives of caregivers and their loved ones through her writing and speaking. A life-long resident of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, she and her husband John raised two sons and continue to contribute to their communities. Professionally Nancy manages contracts and grants where she utilizes her writing and negotiation skills to support the mission of Be the Match®. After finishing her master’s degree in Health and Human Services Administration, Nancy wrote a thesis on privacy regulations and published an article in the National Contract Management magazine. She also writes stewardship materials for her church, blogs, and communicates via social media through Nancy Poland and Grace’s Message.