Tears, Cheers & Funny Stories

Tears, Cheers & Funny Stories

Lyn Betar


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The book is a collection of memories beautifully placed in stanzas of rhythm and rhyme that is divided in three parts. The first part is of a personal nature, expressing deep emotions relating to romantic relationships experienced in early adulthood. The second is more of a spiritual nature, asking the big questions in search of the purpose of life. Finally, the last pages are devoted to friends, family and fun. You will notice the change in style, as the poems note major events such as weddings, birthdays and even funerals - a time well remembered with tears, cheers and lots of laughs.


Lyn Betar:
A capitivating character endeared to all, Lyn Betar has composed some of the most heart-felt poems of her generation. A master of syntax, she has instictively described people, places and time with deep sincerity and alarming wit. Words, collated over many decades, are succinctly and purposely placed in this little book of treasures.