Skeeter, the Ski Bunny

Skeeter, the Ski Bunny

Elizabeth Scherer


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Skeeter, the Ski Bunny is about learning a new activity and sharing it with one's friends and family. While playing a game of Hide and Seek, the curious little bunny stumbles upon a fun activity, and decides to try it himself. Although, at first, he falls down over and over, he does not give up. By practicing and using trial and error techniques, Skeeter teaches himself how to ski. Then he shares the fun with his bunny family so that all can enjoy the snow activity together.


Elizabeth Scherer:
Elizabeth Scherer grew up in south Florida spending most of her childhood outdoors. As a young child, she enjoyed watching the bunny rabbits in the yard jump around eating the grass. Pursuing her interest in animals, she studied biology and zoology in college. Nature and animals continue to be her passion today. Her stories are about the animals she came to know an love in her childhood. They are also reminiscent of the beloved bedtime stories told to her by hr father. Elizabeth is a long time avid skier. Since there was no snow nor hills in Florida, her father often took the family to the mountains to ski. Recently, while riding the chair lift up the mountain, she looked down to see rabbit tracks traversing the mountain in the woods. And Skeeter, the Ski Bunny, came to life. (was born).