My Way!

My Way!

Colonel Augie Casado


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My Way! is a compilation of 365 daily e-mails Colonel Casado sent his sons, Ben and Alex. He had set a goal of sending them a daily e-mail for 365 days, and after about a month, his wife asked him to stop sending them because the boys weren't reading them. He asked his youngest son, Alex, if he wanted him to stop, and Alex said no. That's when he knew he was on to something. Looking for a good way to communicate with his boys in our high-speed, super-busy digital world, he thought a daily e-mail might be a great way to at least let them know he was thinking of them and at best share some helpful insights and experiences. After thirty-six-plus years of leadership and management experience as a group and squadron commander in the military and a senior leader in the civilian world, the daily passages centered on those things Colonel Casado knew best-leadership, motivation, goal setting, etc. My Way! is based on his personal values, military and civilian leadership experience, and a desire to help develop current and future leaders. My Way! is Colonel Casado's first book but hopefully not his last. After a while, it became apparent that My Way! could help others and thus began the journey of turning the passages into a book. After achieving the 365-day goal, he found he had over 64,000 words on paper. My Way! is a fun and very diverse compilation of passages on a variety of issues falling into the realm of self-help, leadership, management, motivation, parenting, advice, etc. and in the hopes of helping others; here you have it! Lead on!