Welcome to Waterbury

Welcome to Waterbury

Daniel Rafter


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Audrey is a single woman who lives in upstate Maine and is an innkeeper. She had a life in advertising in New York and decided for a simpler life and invest in an inn. Waterbury, Maine is a town where there are a lot of unsolved mysteries. Audrey's father was a private investigator so she learned the ropes and has the natural instincts to get involved. Living in Waterbury in an aging inn wasn't Audrey’s dream. It was her husbands. But now her husband is dead, and Audrey is the only one who thinks it wasn't an accident. She's also the only one who thinks the scarecrows scattered throughout the town have been moving. What's really going on in Waterbury? Audrey’s about to find out. It’s an older Nancy Drew meets Twin Peaks!