Hollow Heart

Hollow Heart

The Complete Series

Paul Allor


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Once EL was a man. Now he is a monstrosity--a tortured jumble of organs in a hulking biosuit. Mateo doesn't think EL is a monster, he might even him. But will their relationship set EL free, or tighten his shackles? IMAGINE A WORLD WHERE EVERYONE CAN SCREAM AND BE HEARD. EL used to be human. Now he’s a jumble of organs in a bio-suit. El is also in tremendous pain and has been for a very long time. Hope arrives in the form of Mateo, a mechanic brought in to work on EL’s suit. Mateo sees EL in a way no one else ever has. And what’s more: Mateo offers EL an escape. Hollow Heart reunites Tet creators Paul Allor and Paul Tucker for a queer monster love story about the choices we make between giving our loved ones what they want and giving them what we think they need. Collects the complete six-issue series.


Paul Allor: