Black Nihilism and Antiblack Racism

Black Nihilism and Antiblack Racism

Devon R. Johnson


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This is an innovative work in Africana philosophical thought that links the phenomenon of nihilism in black America, in particular black American youth, to modern traditions of Western philosophy. Black Nihilism and Antiblack Racism engages defining themes of black existential life by offering a framework for considering the relationships between antiblack racism, pessimism, nihilism, weakness, strength, maturity, freedom, and hope in the 21st century. This book readdresses themes popularly raised by Cornel West in 1994 regarding the nature, causes, evaluations, diagnoses, and prognoses of what has been called, “nihilism in black America.” Black Nihilism and Antiblack Racism seeks to recontextualize discussions of nihilism and its possibilities for American cultural life. As a result, this book bears important questions, offers unique analyses, and suggests radical responses that are relevant for studies of black life and theories of justice in twenty-first century America.


Devon R. Johnson:
Devon R. Johnson is a Professor of Instruction at the University of Tampa. He received his PhD from Temple University, and his MA and BA from Florida State University. His areas of specialization include Africana philosophy, black existentialism, and critical race theory.