An Introduction to Elijah Muhammad Studies

An Introduction to Elijah Muhammad Studies

The New Educational Paradigm

Abul Pitre


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First published in 2009, this ground-breaking work introduced a new field in Africana studies and laid the groundwork for positioning the teachings of Elijah Muhammad in academia. Today, this work remains a rare opportunity for scholars and lay persons to a preview the teachings of Elijah Muhammad and its multifaceted, interdisciplinary scope. This book has the potential to change the philosophical and practical methods of education. In this revised edition, new terminology for Elijah Muhammad Studies is coined Elijahmatology. It additionally includes updated references and expanded discussion about the impact of Elijah Muhammad’s teachings in the 21st century. The book lays a foundation for situating the teachings of Elijah Muhammad in academia, identifying Africana Studies as the discipline from which it could develop into a field of study.


Abul Pitre:

Abul Pitre is department chair and professor of Africana Studies at San Francisco State University. He was appointed Edinboro University’s first named professor for his outstanding work in African-American education and held the distinguished title of the Carter G. Woodson Professor of Education.