Show Me The Math

Show Me The Math

The importance of cost estimates when engaging a law firm

Richard Brzakala


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Show me the math is the first book of its kind entirely dedicated to understanding all of the strategic benefits, importance, and the value of cost estimates for corporate clients as well as law firms. Leveraging a 20-year career in corporate legal operations, Richard Brzakala reviews a plethora of topics on cost estimates and presents an in-depth analysis of the cost estimate framework and what clients (and firms) see as the most valuable components of a cost estimate strategy. The book also tackles operational and implementation topics, the dos and don'ts of successful implementation, and a special focus on overcoming challenges and meeting client expectations. This is a comprehensive insider's view of what corporate clients expect from their panel firms and a playbook on how cost estimates can improve a firm's market competitiveness in an increasingly homogenized and challenging legal marketplace. Drawing on nearly two decades of legal operations experience, servicing multiple clients and hundreds of law firms in dozens of countries, Richard has compiled his observations on how cost estimates can benefit corporate clients, legal professionals, finance and marketing experts, law students, alternative legal providers, and procurement and pricing specialists, and assist them in managing their matters, costs, and overall relationships.


Richard Brzakala:
RICHARD BRZAKALA Richard Brzakala is a recognized legal marketplace thought leader and expert in legal operations, sourcing, and cost efficiency strategies. He has been a trusted advisor to many senior executives and general counsels, having worked and consulted for numerous FIs, law firms, and government agencies. Richard is a frequent speaker, panelist, and writer, having published numerous articles on a variety of legal ops topics such as legal sourcing, winning RFPs, convergence practices, and creating corporate cost-saving strategies. Richard's most recent essay, "The Impact of COVID-19 On Future Legal Operations and the Legal Marketplace", appeared in Horizon Scanning: Modernizing Legal service Delivery (ARK Group). He is a contributing author for Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute, chairs a number of legal sourcing discussion groups, and also participates in an executive advisory capacity for a global IT legal service company. In 2017, a leading US publication recognized and awarded Richard with its annual Trailblazers award for his work in developing a comprehensive global methodology for evaluating law firm compliance with cyber security standards. Richard is currently working as the global director of external legal services at a large FI in Canada where his mandate includes the oversight of legal ops, compliance, finance, and risk management practices as they relate to the management of external counsel globally.