Broomstick Tales

Broomstick Tales

Ghost of a Chance at True Love Told by Wazoo the Wizard

Arnie Grimm


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Sitting in the high back plush purple velvet fabric chair was the skeleton. In the right hand of the skeleton was the magic wand. “Are you offering me your magic wand?” Amber asked the skeleton. Get ready for a Halloween story that will keep you on the edge of your chair. Arnie Grimm and Wazoo the Wizard have conjured up a Ghostly Tale that has death defying tragedies and evil villains. Most of all, there is lots and lots of magic to save the day, maybe. Let’s hope so anyway.


Arnie Grimm:
Arnie Grimm has published his novels for twelve years. The Wizard within Me came out in 2009 followed by The Curse within Me in 2011. The Dragon within Me was in 2013. Then the next series Broomstick Tales debuted in 2016 with The Magic Locket of Katee Greene. In 2020,The Cryptic Secret of Zweig’s Magic Wand and Time for this Witch to Come Home. Now for 2021, Nobody’s Witch and Ghost of a Chance at True Love. What stories will Wazoo the Wizard tell Arnie Grimm in 2022?