What the Hell’s Wrong with America

What the Hell’s Wrong with America

(Hint: It Ain’t Race) 2015-2017 the Evil Years

Dr. Lune A. Teek


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What The Hell’s Wrong With America is a book about, well, what the hell’s wrong with America! It is the author’s contention that the one thing that causes more acrimonious intent, thoughts and acts than anything anyone can point to is race. Are you “black” or “white”? What makes you “black” of “white”? How did you become “Hispanic”? How did you become an “Arab” even if you’ve never been to Saudi Arabia?The answers may not be what you think. According to the author, this is due to the lack of the average man and woman’s understanding of the truth about what race is and what race is not. The author contends that as long as people keep referring to themselves as what they are referring to themselves as this country as well as the world will never experience the peace and prosperity they profess to want. The author states, “ Everyone wants to have a ‘Conversation’ about race but no one wants to consider that both sides will be starting and engaging in dialogue with false premises. In short, lies”. In this book you will be is asked powerful common sense questions about race that, in the author’s words, “you have never been asked before.” The author goes on to examine effective problem solving; the importance of having not just knowledge but correct knowledge; what “evil” is as well as the different forms that it manifests itself in, and how evil relates to the context of race as we have been taught to perceive it; the fictitious cultures both “black” and “white” people have created in an effort to solidify their concepts of these void constructs of “black” and “white”, and a lot more. The author started this book in 2015 at the height of civil unrest following several incidents of unarmed black men who were killed by police. In Chapter Five, the book explains how not to be killed during or at the end of a police interaction. There’s even a LGBTQ+ section dealing with the author’s views and insights on “gay” marriage. While the author states that the instructions given in this chapter may not be feasible for everyone, the chapter is a must read. And even though the author states that there will be secrets left untold it will be impossible for you to leave this book without a commitment to reexamine everything you have been taught. Starting with race. This book is a must read if you have been seeking insights on the truth about an issue that has in one way or another touched us all. Is America divided? Yes. But it doesn’t have to be. Read this book to understand how we got that way and what we can do to stop being that way. This book goes a long way to help one understand “What The Hell’s Wrong With America”. And that’s a good thing.