My Spiritual Walk with Allah

My Spiritual Walk with Allah

And on my journey, I met and was tested by Jesus

Ali Muhammad Kariem


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Thank you for reading this book. It's been a long journey. My spiritual teacher has passed on to the afterlife. Allah has blessed my life because as time goes on, I still have many journeys, envisions to encounter with Allah and Jesus. As I received the Holy Spirit, Jesus has blessed me to go through a mental transformation that has changed my life also. Allah has given me the spiritual gift to bless his children along the way. The calling that has been placed upon my life by Allah is to feed his children spiritual and physical food. To help the orphans and men and women that don't have a place to sleep or eat. We are children and vessels of Allah who are to give back as much as we can and be blessed with his glory and holy spirit. When we praise and become holy, to Allah will our journey will be blessed, and we will see all the glory of Allah's will. This spiritual message will guide you to seek Allah as our spiritual father the creator of all worlds I asked Allah to show me his spirit and show me Jesus's holy spirit. And it took a while but when I fasted and prayed and being obedient, Allah stepped in and showed me the way to heaven and blessed me to glorify Allah's spirit and gave zakat. I became more conscious to Allah's will. And I saw the way of the Holy Spirit as Jesus was glowing and blessing my spirit. I called out and said glory and all praises to Allah. Thank you, Jesus, for your Holy Spirit and testifying and giving me a blessing from Allah. Ahman.